Prosecuting Attorney


227 W Jefferson Boulevard
10th Floor
South Bend, IN 46601


Link: Prosecutor's Office

Name Title Email Phone
Bueno, Alma Victim Advocate 574-235-9544-7153
Concannon, Pam Victim Advocate 574-235-9544-7154
Cotter, Kenneth P. Prosecuting Attorney   574-235-9544
Higgins, Lucette Director, Victim/Witness Services 574-235-9544-7168
Sweeney, Stacey Victim Advocate 574-235-9544-7193
Jorgensen, Rasmus S. Director of Media Relations and Special Projects 574-309-6074

Adult Protective Services  

533 N Niles Avenue
South Bend, IN 46617


Link: Adult Protective Services Page

Toll Free Number

Phone: 800-626-8320

Indiana State Hotline for Abuse

Phone: 800-992-6978

Eldercare Locator for Out-of-State Offices

Phone: 800-677-1116

Name Title Email Phone
Ashburn, Lynnette Investigator, APS 574-245-6784
Oler, Kayla Investigator, APS 574-245-6596
Staublin, Justin Director of Adult Protective Services 574-235-5026
Miner, Jessica Investigator, APS 574-245-6703
Strahan-Lenfestey, Sara Investigator, APS 574-235-5067
Ayala, Brenda Investigator, APS 574-245-6629
Henry, Matt Investigator, APS 574-245-6702
Dietz, Sr., Joseph APS Financial Crimes Investigator 574-406-6870
Jarrett, Mary Ann APS Case-Intake Specialist 574-235-5092

Child Support Division 

227 W Jefferson Boulevard
6th Floor
South Bend, IN 46601



Link: Child Support Page

Name Title Email Phone
Gulstrom, Tara Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
Garis, Katlin Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
Landry, Jenna Case Management Supervisor 574-235-9786
Northcutt, Karon Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
Quirk, Cynthia Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
Valencia, Zayra Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
Albright, Cammi Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
Rans, Meghan Operational Supervisor 574-235-9786
Hall Howell, Bre-Anna Establishment Caseworker 574-235-9786
Epp, Michele Establishment Caseworker 574-235-9786
Johnson, Delana Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
LaBonte, Megan Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
Craven, Shaun Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
Walsh, Tracy Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786
Gauntt, Akane Establishment Caseworker 574-235-9786
Janis, Sarah Enforcement Caseworker 574-235-9786

Criminal Division 

227 West Jefferson Boulevard
10th Floor
South Bend, IN 46601



Name Title Phone
Sorvari , Carrie Infraction Deferral, Coordinator 574-235-9544-7191
Garcia, Ashley Misdemeanor Pretrial Diversion Coordinator 574-235-9544-7162
McClung, Brenda Felony Pretrial Diversion Compliance Officer 574-235-9544

Special Victims Unit  

533 N Niles Avenue
South Bend, IN 46617

574 235-7818

Link: Special Victims Unit Page


Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Jones-White, Tina SVU Victim Advocate 574-302-7676
Pickens, Michelle SVU Victim Advocate 574-235-5439
Ruiz, Angelina SVU Victim Advocate 574-292-8447


112 S Lafayette Street
2nd Floor
South Bend, IN 46601

Link: Traffic and Misdemeanor Page