What is the County's role in economic development?

The County’s economic development staff helps to set the growth and development plan for the Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Growth team and serves as a liaison to coordinate development opportunities with our local cities and towns, the South Bend Regional Chamber, the South Bend-Elkhart Partnership, the State of Indiana’s Economic Development Corporation as well as the private development community and existing, local businesses to help facilitate growth and development within the four corners of the County.  Staff works with the development community to help navigate internal and external processes to help advance projects and match incentives, when needed, to help projects to completion.  Staff works with local businesses that are seeking to expand or relocate within the County and aids and coordinates to help these businesses grow.  Staff also works proactively with State and Federal partners to find resources that can be used locally to leverage development or infrastructure projects.

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1. What is the County's role in economic development?
2. How does the County interact with economic development organizations (South Bend Regional Chamber, South Bend Elkhart Regional Partnership, Indiana Economic Development Corporation)
3. How does the County interact with other local government economic development entities (City of South Bend, City of Mishawaka, Towns)
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