I received a "Notice of Public Hearing" in the mail. What's going on?

Rezonings, development standard variances, special exceptions/special uses all require a public hearing in front of a decision-making body, such as the Area Plan Commission and the Area Board of Zoning Appeals. Property owners adjoining or near the subject property receive notice of that public hearing so that they can have their voice(s) heard in favor of or opposition to the issue at hand. The meeting agenda with application and staff report are available ten calendar days before the public hearing.

If you have any questions, you are encouraged to contact us prior to the hearing by emailing or calling us at 574-235-7800

If you have comments in favor or opposition to this matter you are encouraged to make them in writing via mail (227 W. Jefferson Blvd, County City Bldg., 11th Fl., South Bend, IN 46601) or email (planning@sjcindiana.com), and to attend the public hearing itself.

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4. I received a "Notice of Public Hearing" in the mail. What's going on?
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