We are currently developing permit forms which can be submitted electronically. Until then, we ask that you please continue to fill out the paper permit forms located in the Engineering Office.  If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us at 574-235-7800.

Online Driveway Permit Application 

Fee Schedule - Ordinance No. 47-09, to Amend Chapter 6.08 of the St. Joseph Code Entitled "Permit Fees"

Permit Type
Permit Amount
Driveway Permit - Residential
Driveway Permit  - Commercial
Depressed Curb
Utility/Construction Permit
Open Cut
Each Additional Road Bore
Each Additional 1/4 Mile of Right of Way Length
Re-inspection Fee
First Offense Fee
Second Offense Fee
Third Offense Fee
Failure to Activate a Permit
Improper Backfill
Improper Restoration
Improper Maintenance of Traffic
SWPPP Permit