Public Works

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Public Works consists of multiple divisions, serving unincorporated St. Joseph County, including Surveyor, Drainage, Highway, Engineering, Bridge and Environmental. Some duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Respond to resident concerns related to roads, bridges, drainage, and environmental issues
  • Maintain approximately 1,144 centerline road miles, 262 bridges, and 900 miles of ditches 
  • Plan, survey, design and inspect public works and capital improvement projects
  • Prepare and review project plans, specifications, and contract documents
  • Issue permits for construction and utility work within the Right-of-Way
  • Develop and implement a Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SWQMP)
  • Review subdivision and site development plans for compliance with current standards
  • Continually update road inventory and pavement management program
  • Conduct traffic studies and engineering assessments
  • Establish traffic regulations and controls with ordinances
  • Facilitate intergovernmental agreements and legislation
  • Maintain budget with federal aid and local funds
  • Contract consultant engineering services