Code Enforcement

code enforcement
St. Joseph County Code Enforcement only has jurisdiction in the unincorporated areas of the County - any 5 digit address.
If you live in Mishawaka and have a three or four digit address, please visit
City of Mishawaka Code Enforcement.
If you live in South Bend and have a three or four digit address, please visit 
City of South Bend Code Enforcement.

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St. Joseph County 3 ordinances for the Code Enforcement:

If you would like to report a property you believe might be in violation of any of our Code Enforcement Ordinances, please use our ONLINE COMPLAINT FORM.  

To allow Code Enforcement Inspectors to gain access to your property to obtain photographic evidence, use the online form:  Property Access Authorization or print out the PDF form: Property Access Authorization 

To allow Code Enforcement to come onto your property and remove a vehicle that has been abandoned by someone else on your property, please use our Online Abandoned Vehicle Indemnity Waiver.

To Appeal any action or decision by the Code Enforcement you have within 10 business days of the notice date (pursuant to Section 12 of the Ordinance). Any appeal must be submitted to the current office of the Zoning Administrator via mail (227 W Jefferson Blvd, 11th floor, South Bend, IN 46601). Appeal Form (PDF version).

St. Joseph County Code Enforcement program was established on April 1, 2022. For information regarding how this program got started please check out our Public Outreach page

  1. Steve Szaday

    Townships Assigned: Clay, German, & Harris

  1. Chad Hooten

    Townships Assigned: Centre, Greene, Olive, Portage, & Warren

  1. Joseph Lauck

    Townships Assigned: Liberty, Lincoln, Madison, Penn, & Union