Need to file for Divorce?

The forms needed are located at Indiana Legal Help.  You must select either With or Without Children. You must select With or Without an Agreement. You will find an instructional booklet on how to fill out the forms. 

Bring these forms to the Clerk's office. 

You will need the following number of one sided copies of each document:

(1) Appearance

(3) Petition for Dissolution

(5) Summons

(1) Motion for Final Hearing

(1) Notice of Final Hearing

(4) Decree of Dissolution

**If you have children from the marriage, you will also need:

(1) Motion for Provisional Order

(1) Notice of Provisional Order

The filing fee is $177.00. Cash or credit card only (there is a convenience fee to use the credit card). Also, you will need a money order in the amount of $28.00 payable to the Sheriff to serve the summons. If you wish service by certified mail, that service is at no cost. However, the party must sign for mail to be considered served.