YLP 2018/2019 Inaugural Class

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The County received 43 applications from high school Juniors and Seniors, representing six area schools (SB Clay, SB Riley, SB Adams, St. Joseph, Penn, and Mishawaka), to participate in our Youth Leadership Program.  To have a successful program, the committee decided it could only accept 20 students.  We were overwhelmed by the caliber of the applications, and the final decision on who to accept was very difficult. 

The participants for the 2018/2019 inaugural class are:

SB Adams H.S.
SB Clay H.S.SB Riley H.S.St. Joseph H.S.Penn H.S. Mishawaka H.S.
Mellor, Elizabeth (Sr.)
Bridgeman, Corey (Sr.)
Kingston, Conor (Jr.)
Coussens, Anthony (Sr.)
Shaffer, Tatiana (Jr.)
Ohda, Jax (Sr.)

Dukes, Michael (Sr.)
Kirkpatrick, Sean (Jr.)
Dawnin, D'Yonna (Sr.)

Spencer, Nathan (Jr.)

Green, Jovana (Sr.)
Spicer, Jathen (Sr.)
Dunlap, Marcus (Sr.)

Van Damme, Morgan (Sr.)

Pangoni, Jweetu (Sr.)

Harris, Karlee (Jr.)

Sullivan, Rory (Sr.)

Kanouse, Kennedy (Jr.)

Mejia-Abrajan, Jessica (Sr.)

Vasta, Anna (Jr.)