Social Services & Mental Health

The Detention Social Services and Mental Health department provides mental health assessment and short term counseling services for all residents at the Juvenile Justice Center.

I-CARE: Pro-Social Principles for Success

During a resident's stay in Detention, they will work on I-CARE programming as implemented by Detention and Social Services staff.


To provide a Resident with knowledge of Pro-Social I-CARE principles (Influence, Courage, Accountability, Respect, and Empathy) better equipping them to make more positive choices.


  • Influence: To know who you are and your impact on others.
  • Courage: Doing the right thing, even when you are afraid.
  • Accountability: To responsible for what you say and do.
  • Respect: To treat yourself and others with honor and dignity.
  • Empathy: To show tolerance and acceptance towards others.


Residents will typically be part of an I-CARE group five days per week. Staff facilitates all discussion and activities, provides worksheets or handouts, or uses stories and movies to teach Pro-Social I-CARE Principles.