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Online Mapping Requests

  1. St. Joseph County, Indiana
    Online Mapping Requests
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  3. Data shall not be released to third parties without the express written permission of St. Joseph County. If there is a charge for this request, you will be contacted prior to processing this request.
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  5. *Only needed if for a County Employee
  6. Example: A zoning map for the town of North Liberty with parcels included on map. If you have a selected area please provide the N/S/E/W boundaries. If you have an image of the area in question please attach for reference.
  7. Upload the image of the area of interest. Please provide in Pdf. or Jpeg. file format.

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  10. Layers List:

    * Please select the layers below that you would like to see on your map. FYI; the more layers and the smaller the map size the harder it will be to read.

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