What assistance is available?

Assistance is available to renters for rent, utilities, home energy, and internet expenses. Utilities include gas, electric, water, sewer, and trash.  Home energy expenses include fuel oil propane, firewood, or coal.

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1. When can I apply?
2. Where do I apply?
3. What assistance is available?
4. How many months of assistance is available?
5. If a renter household received LIHEAP can they receive utility assistance from ERA?
6. If someone already received other rental assistance through another program, could they receive assistance from ERA?
7. If a renter household receives federal rental assistance (Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) program, Project-Based Section 8, or Public Housing) can they receive assistance from ERA?
8. How much rental assistance should I expect?
9. What if the tenant does not want to participate?
10. Will assistance payments be taxed for Tenants?
11. What is the income limit?