Do I need a Wellhead Protection Permit to operate my business?

Generally, if your business is within a Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA) and you have hazardous materials, petroleum products, or dry wells on your property you may need to obtain a permit. However, there are exclusions, exceptions, and special conditions that may affect whether you need a permit.

If a facility has dry wells or any of the following that contain hazardous materials or petroleum products a permit may be needed: - Above ground storage tanks - Drum storage areas - Improperly abandoned well - Major construction area - Motor vehicle salvage yards - Motor vehicle waste recovery well - Other threats as determined by the Health Department - Outdoor storage area - Rail or truck loading facility - Surface impediment - Underground storage tanks - Waste pile.

Even if a business is not required to obtain a permit, it is still subject to inspections and must report spills of hazardous materials to the Health Department.

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