Check Acceptance Policy

Create and post for both customers and employees a check acceptance policy that is clear and easy to follow. We suggest you include the following:
  1. Make sure a check has a valid street address and not just a post office box address. Write the residential address on the face of the check if it only shows a post office box address.
  2. Require a photo identification (ID), either a State issued Identification Card or a Driver's license. Other government issued ID cards should be included if acceptable. We suggest that a proof of residence be required if it is not included on the ID.
  3. Verify that the address printed on the check and on the ID match. Put a notation on the face of the check to indicate the correct current address.
  4. Verify the phone number, if printed, on the check. If no number is printed on the check, get a current phone number and write it on the face of the check.
  5. Make certain that the written and numeric dollar amounts are the same.
  6. Compare the writer's signature and be confident that it matches the signature on the check.
  7. Install security cameras to get a full face picture of the check writer.
  8. Make a notation of the date and time when the check was received in a margin on the check. This will allow easier searches through security tapes to locate the delivery of the bad check.
  9. Only accept checks with the current date. Post-dated checks are civil matters and are not eligible for the Bad Check Program.
  10. Avoid out of state checks and checks with low numbers. We suggest that no counter checks be accepted.
  11. Require the individual to sign the check in your presence. If it is a company check, have the individual print their full name under their signature.

Checks as Payments

It is the choice of each individual and business to accept a check as payment for their goods or services. You do not have to accept a check as payment and can request another form of payment. If you do feel unsure or do not trust the individual writing the check, ask for another form of payment.