DuComb Center

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Recidivism Rates, Risk/Need/Responsivity, Targeted Interventions....These are terms you may not have heard prior to today.  Most people outside the criminal justice system or the medical field probably would not be able to explain to you what dosage means.  However, for the clients and staff of St. Joseph County Community Corrections - DuComb Center, these terms are a part of our everyday language.  These terms and other are a part of what is known as Evidenced Based Practices.  In short, Evidenced Based Practices (EBP) refers to the use of proven research and data sources to guide the policies and treatment procedures for the facility.  EBP is used in nearly every aspect of the facility operations from the types of groups/treatment meetings a client attends to where within the facility a client is housed.  The goal of Evidenced Based Practices is to reduce the likelihood of a client being re-incarcerated following release by addressing the needs of the clients and the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that place the client at risk for reoffending.  This is done through a variety of methods such as Cognitive Restructuring programs, Substance Abuse programs, Educational programs, Self esteem building activities and employment readiness/job placement assistance. 

SJCCC-DuComb Center is proud to be chosen to participate in a validation study being conducted by the Indiana Department of Corrections in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati.  This study will focus on our agency's use of Evidence Based Practices in case management.  SJCCC-DuComb Center staff are committed to this facility's Mission which is to enhance public safety through effective supervision.  By using case management techniques that have been proven effective and auditing ourselves through the use of validation studies, SJCCC-DuComb Center is well on its way to meeting its goals.