General Rules & Consequences in Detention

Resident Responsibility

Residents in Detention are RESPONSIBLE for their actions and behavior. A Resident’s behavior in Detention will directly impact him or her when they attend Court. While in Detention, the Resident must demonstrate the values of Influence, Courage, Accountability, Respect, and Empathy. If a Resident demonstrates and practices these values, they are more likely to avoid trouble and to increase chances of bettering themselves.

Just remember: 

A Resident’s actions and behavioral reports may be observed by the Probation Department and the Judge. 

General Rules and Consequences of Detention

In order to ensure consistency in the safety and security of Residents and staff members, the following is a list of rules and consequences for Residents that staff must enforce. These rules and consequences apply in the Pods, School, Gym, Dining Hall, and Visitation.

  1. Residents shall follow and comply with all JJC rules and staff instruction in a timely manner.
  2. Residents shall treat all staff and other residents with respect, dignity, courtesy and fairness including addressing staff by their formal names or titles (for example, Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., or Officer).
  3. Residents shall respect facility property and property of others. Residents and their parents are responsible to pay for repair or replacement of any property that is damaged by the resident.
  4. Residents are expected to maintain proper hygiene.
  5. Residents are responsible for their own point card. They must carry their point card and turn it into staff prior to staff shift change.
  6. Residents must ask permission prior to movement in common spaces.
  7. Residents shall refrain from horse-play, including touching another resident.
  8. Residents shall not possess contraband, or exchange items with other residents.
  9. Residents shall not promote gang/neighborhood affiliation including alterations to uniforms, drawings, hand signs and conversation.

Failure to comply with expectations may result in loss of points or levels.

Multiple incident reports in a short period of time, an assault on residents or staff, or major destruction of property may result in a resident being placed on Administrative Hold.

Administrative Hold is a temporary loss of all privileges including visitation and phone calls. Residents are expected to reflect on their behaviors by completing assigned worksheets and discussing them with Mental Health & Social Services staff before they can be placed back on Level 1.

Separation from other Residents

Reasons for Separation:

  • Resident persistently acts in a disruptive manner.
  • Resident demonstrates a threat to “life or limb” (fighting, kicking, biting, and so on).
  • Resident threatens detention staff, family, residents, other JJC or Court staff.
  • Resident causes significant damage to property, such as purposeful flooding.
  • Residents persistently refuses to comply with procedure.
  • For reasons of resident's safety.
  • For medical reasons.


  • Resident may be placed in his or her room or Holding for 10-15 minute periods.
  • Resident is always provided with one or more books. If Resident destroys books while separated, no more books are provided during current separation period.
  • The usual safety procedures remain in force; for example, Resident may not possess a pencil while separated in room or Holding.
  • Every 10-15 minutes, Detention staff interviews Resident to determine his or her willingness to commit to Detention rules and procedures. When Resident is calm and commits to cooperate, he or she immediately returns to general population.
  • If necessary, a Resident may be placed on "Admin Hold" during a separation period.

While attending school

Points may be earned or lost while attending school. When a Resident persistently disrupts the learning environment of other residents, the following actions are taken:

  • Residents are instructed to take a 5 minute break to regain composure.
  • If the resident is unable to regain composure, the resident is moved to the Educational Redirection Unit (ERU) with the current lesson in hand. The ERU is a separate classroom staffed with a detention officer and SBCSC para-educator as available. In the ERU, residents work individually while calming their behavior. A resident may ask to speak with available Mental Health & Social Services staff. The goal of the ERU is to support disruptive Residents while they complete classwork until the Resident is capable of returning to the regular classroom.

If a Resident will not cooperate in the ERU, he or she may be placed on Admin Hold and separated into a Holding room. Procedures for separation begin (see previous section).